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Business Re-Engineering

Most businesses believe that they are operating efficiently well to stay in business.  However, they are also surprised to find out that they are in trouble from their competition.  We believe that these surprises can be managed through Overall Business Effectivity measurements.  We can measure how you stack up against your potential.

  • Process definition  - What your processes need to be Vs. where they are is often lost on management.  We offer an evaluation at 3 levels. 
    • Do you have the right set of processes? 
    • Do the processes reflect the way you need to do business to be competitive tomorrow?
    • Are your processes documented so they can be followed, not by just your current staff, but tomorrows hire as well?


  • Process documentation  - Processes that are not documented can not be followed.  Processes that are documented poorly will not be followed.  Only well written and properly focused processes have a chance to be the living breath of your organization.  We will help you document your processes.  Following documentation, we will assist you to establish a monitoring program to ensure that the processes are used.  Because processes need to change to reflect the evolution of a business, we will also help you establish a Change Management program so the processes can evolve with you.


  • Process measurement - Processes will not be used if there is an easier way to do things or if management does not care how things are done.  Get the most out of your processes through meaningful measurements.  We believe that the Process Effectiveness has to be measured at 2 levels.  The first is if the processes are truly efficient for your operation.  The second is if individual processes are being used and truly support your business needs.


  • Change Management - If your business is static, you are on the fast track to be out of business.  Most businesses do not know this.  You have to make change to stay in business.  Change has to be managed.  We have the experience and know how to help you establish a Change Management program tailored to your needs.  We can be as simple or elaborate as you need.  Each level has its virtues, but the program has to be designed at a level that it will be used and endorsed by the staff as well as management.


  • ERP computer system usage - One of the largest single line items on most Supply Chain budgets is the ERP/computer systems that support operations.  With costs of well over $500 per user seat, this is often considered a mandatory cost.  We agree that it is needed.  However, we have experienced and seen massive mis-application of the systems.  The users tend to confuse enablement by the system and need for good processes, consequently, the system wind up with a lot of garbage on them that drives up your overhead.  We have the experience and ability to sort this out with you.



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