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Delivery starts with an Order that needs to be fulfilled.  We have experience managing several styles of Order Management.

  • Low Volume, High value, Configure to Order, Client provided Software loaded, Hot staged and shipped as a complete plug and play package with orders coming from a sales system requiring system configuration validation
  • High volume, High tech, Build to Order, Configuration validation with orders from a sales system requiring promise to deliver dates and open to buy balances.  Since some of these orders were in the future, we had to maintain a material allocation file to protect the order.
  • High volume, High tech, Build to Order, Configuration validation with live sales system deliveries requiring shipments within the 2nd working day.  This was a very sensitive area for the corporation and was watched closely.  We matched OEM products from the West Coast and Manufactured product from the East coast for same time delivery with over 98% accuracy.
  • Moderate volume, High tech, same day configure to order and ship with a live sales system and multi downloads per hour.  Again, these required Configuration validation. 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for 16 high usage locations based on a patent by one of our consultants that established methodology to keep a constant Days on Hand in the pipeline, constantly reviewing the average daily use. 
  • Once you have the Sales Order, you have to reliably ship the product in an economically responsible way.  Our experience covers the following shipping environments.
    • Third Party Logistics (3PL) on site doing order fulfillment picking and sorting, logistics management and delivery tracking.
    • 3PL remote receiving OEM material, processing paperwork, maintaining inventory records, coordinating shipping for order fulfillment including coordinated deliveries with product from across the country.
    • 3PL on site for same day shipment that packaged the product off the line and prepared it for shipment via required carrier to meet delivery requirements
    • In House shipping department that maintained inventory accuracy, prepared packaging, selected carriers and delivery tracking.
    • 3PL remote receiving VMI material, preparing material for usage and handoff to the consumption/installation team.

We bring experience to the table.  Whether you want to fine tune your in house shipping team, outsource to a 3PL, get more out of your 3PL partner or establish a Vendor Managed Inventory process, we can help you.  Just let us know.



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