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Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing means something different to nearly all of the CGJ clients.  However, there is a common understanding and need.  There is a need to develop a very efficient Supply Chain including the manufacturing conversion process.  CGJ brings long-term career experiences in the field to assist your improvement efforts.

  • Vendor Management  - If a Supplier Partner is not being measured, you do not know if there is a cost savings available to you.  We have experience in measuring the Supplier Partners and working with them to provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership.  We measure the quality, delivery performance, transportation costs, reject rates, their operating efficiency and payment terms to understand where leverage points exist that can save you money.


  • Capacity Improvement - We gained our experience in high growth plants.  It was either find a way to produce more product in the same footage and machinery or go out of business.  We have learned many tricks of the trade on both fine-tuning and Re-Engineering your resource.


  • Quality Improvement - We believe that product that fails quality is negative on your through put performance because it takes away the chance to product good product.  With this in mind, we bias ourselves to examine all failures to understand what went wrong.  We are strong believers in Pareto Ranking of improvement opportunities and will work with you to drive improvement programs to correct failure causes.


  • Full Stream Inventory Management - Understanding changes in the Full Stream Inventory is the first real step in understanding how your business is doing.  Lean manufacturing extends beyond the manufacturing floor.  Simply put, we believe that less inventory is better until it impacts the customer.  At that point, we want to understand what can be done to remove the failure cause so inventory can be reduced even further.  When we talk inventory, it includes the raw stock you have in house and in transit to you as well as your finished goods and the finished goods your customers have. 


  • Build to Order - BTO/CTO - We believe that the ultimate Lean Manufacturing concept is building only what the customer wants, when he wants it.  We have converted/established 4 major Build To Order factories where a complex product offering required an extensive configuration validator.  We also are experienced with Planning Bills of Material, Available to promise of Features, Open to Buy Master Schedule and Configuration Change Management.  If you want to be as lean as possible, we can help you through this evolution.


  • Vendor Managed Inventory -  The ultimate tool of Full Stream Inventory Management is to manage your customers inventory.  Properly done, you can have a full stream inventory view every day, not just at the end of the quarter or year.  We wrote the patent and have helped develop the software to make this happen.



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