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Our primary experience has been getting product built and out the door.  Our bias is that it has to be built correctly, tested accurately and be on time to meet customer needs.  We presume that you have the same needs.  Here is how we can help you.

  • New Product Introduction

If a new design does not go through all of the proper steps, it is very unlikely to be successfully produced and entered into the market place on time, with quality and at target cost.  We have the experience to help you through Product Management, Marketing introduction, initial material procurement and sourcing, Beta build, Testing development requirements and successful production launch.  We have successfully introduced over 100 new products and associated peripherals into production.

  • Scheduling / Shop Floor Control

It is hard to get product built correctly if the correct information does not make it to the floor.  We have worked several programs to streamline information flow and made material flow complement the plan. 

We also have lots of experience in scheduling around constraints of capacity and material.

If you are moving from Build to Stock to Build to Order, we can help you to avoid the pitfalls we have learned and streamline activities by helping you design proven processes.

  • Capacity Planning

We can help you develop a planning system from scratch or fine-tune an existing system.  We have experience in high growth requirements and the trade offs inherent with limited capital, personnel and space.

  • Facility Expansion

We can step you through the process of site expansion or new site startup.  We have led several major expansions and startups.  We know what has to be done to make things occur smoothly and on time.  We are hands on, not just paper planners.

  • Quality Improvement

We saved one plant $30 Million a year by improving quality.  While this large a figure isn't possible in all sites, we have a record that says our quality Improvement Costs are typically paid back within a year.

  • Process Documentation

We subscribe to The Supply Chain Council's SCOR Model as a basic reference for complete assessment of processes to insure that major steps are not overlooked.  We also believe that layers of processes are needed as you drill down for detail.  But most of all, we believe that if you don't have good processes, you will not have high repeatability of good product.  Again, we bring experience to the table, whether for profit, customer satisfaction or striving for continuous improvement.

  • Efficiency Management

A new set of experienced eyes often sheds new ideas and concepts that can reduce your bottlenecks and improve flow while reducing costs.  We understand the importance of processes and procedures and how they help or hurt efficiency.  We also know motion and time studies, so we can help you on several levels

  • Tuning Systems and Operations for mutual best performance

Systems and Operations typically belong to different organizations.  Yet neither can be successful without the other.  All too often, we see work arounds and fighting instead of cooperation.  We see system change requests when process changes would be better and operation activities that drive up costs when a system change is the better answer.  We have 'owned' both sides and can help you sort through the needs.



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