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CGJ is a team of highly experienced engineers, business managers and consultants that are passionate about uncovering value for our clients. 



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Ensuring you have a partner who can supply your

 needs, meet your cost targets and grow with you is

imperative to staying in business.

  • Whether your sourcing need is high tech, commodity or specialized, domestic or international, we have experience and contacts that can help you.  We have vast experience in the following fields:
  • High Tech
  • Automotive production
  • Computer Systems
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive after Market
  • Tire production
  • Fiberglass
  • Supply Chain Partners
  • and numerous other fields.
  • We can find the right partner for you.  Our extensive contacts go around the globe.  However, our bias is to provide you the following:
    • A suitable product that fits your need
    • A partner who will meet your requirement
    • Quality that does not need to be checked
    • Flexibility to meet your changing environment
    • Lowest total cost of ownership
      • Initial cost
      • Transportation
      • Inventory carrying costs
      • Cost of unquality
      • Warranty considerations
  • Inventory must be properly received and be ready for use.  We have extensive experience in the following areas:
    • In House managed, on site high volume including special handling requirements
    • In House managed, off site, high volume with multiple daily picks to support build requirements
    • Outsourced Third Party Logistics (3PL), on site, high volume with special handling
    • Outsourced 3PL remote operations for OEM product that eliminates excessive product handling.
    • Managing unsatisfactory quality issues resulting in product isolation and management
    • Product returns for lack of quality
    • Product isolation for non compliance to PO specifications
    • Product expedite through receiving to the point of need
    • Product expedite through customs, domestically and international
  • We can do a complete evaluation of your product development cycle, i.e. what can be done to improve process speed and quality either by recommendation or actual implementation. 
  • We can apply to your industry processes learned in the most competitive product development environment in the world.

We bring experience in to fine tune your organization or completely re engineer as required.  We will help you find the perfect partner for a new need you have or find a replacement for the supplier who is not performing to your needs.  We will also help you establish processes and procedures to best manage your inventory investment



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