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  Third Party Logistics Analysis

We have experience with over 200 clients in 19 countries and draw upon our 25+ years of direct front-line experience, industry knowledge and unique access to industry specialists to empower our clients with data driven solutions. 

The Consulting Group of Jocassee offers a broad range of services with Jocassee Services  and  CapRock Global Solutions. 


The question we hear often is should we operate our warehouses ourselves or outsource?

For most figuring out the best logistics solution (in house or 3PL) for your organization is very hard and complex.     

We have significant expertise with this challenge and will help you navigate through the murky waters to get to the right solution for your organization. 

We perform a detailed analysis:

- Current situation and conditions

- Desired future state (optimum) conditions

- Define the delta  between the current and desired (optimum)state

- Create a gap analysis and plan to close gaps

- Identify tactical advantages

- Customer service requirements;

- Identify limits on control

- Capital and recurring costs

- Financial and P&L impact

- Flexibility and scalability;

- Accountability and control

-  Risks

- Mitigation options

Outcomes Include:

- Identify the short list of 3PL organizations which are best positioned to achieve your goals?

- Review details from 3PLS and how to administer a sealed competitive bid process among 3PL providers

- Perform a comparative analysis among the bid responses?

- Negotiate the duration, terms, and cost of the contract?

- Develop a seamless/transparent migration plan

- Develop an implementation project to migrate to a 3PL

- Mitigate risk and leverage our intellectual capital during the transition to maintain a strategic advantage and service superiority.

- Put in place performance tracking and management to ensure goals are met and continuous improvement is paramount

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