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Turn Around Management

All of our projects have a common thread that can be applied to any industry and any situation. The process of the turnaround is the same, no matter the project.  We use a 9 point program to give you the best opportunity for success.


1)      Determine the situation as it now exists and chart the processes used.

2)      Study the existing processes and break them down into smaller parts.

3)      Identify the weak points in the existing processes.

4)      Bench mark the existing process to the potential new process using time and money as the scales.

5)      Put together the comprehensive new process

6)      Trial run of the new process

7)      Work out the bugs from the new process

8)      Implementation of the new process

9)      Measure the progress


For most situations, there are many opportunities that need to be explored that may not be apparent to the casual observer. We need to study the organization, piece by piece, department by department, from end to end. This includes all divisions and how they interact and relate to each other from hourly to management.


Some of the opportunities we review:


        Cost drivers

        Income drivers

        Organizational structure

        Leadership structure

        Leadership visions

        Leadership execution

        Teamwork between organizations

        Teamwork within each operation

        Leverage between organizations

        Comprehensive strategies for marketing, operations, and financials tied together

        Financial and Tax structures

        Computer and communications network infrastructure


We have several examples of short term turn around projects that were executed under intense pressure. Some of these were done in business units within large companies, which is where we developed our skills as consultants, and some were executed as outside consultants turning an entire operation around.


Perception Kayak  - we prepared the company for a potential acquisition. The situation was as follows:


        Company had a value of $11MM

        Flat growth rate while the industry was growing at 18% annually

        A stable environment – “We have always done it this way.”

        No Operations, Sales, or Financial Strategy

        Low employee moral

        Low Productivity


In five months, we were able to deliver the following results:


        Improve the Return on Investment by 205%

        Improved delivery rotation to clients from 9 weeks to 8 hours

        Improve productivity by 35%

        Increased time off for employees at increased wages = high moral

        Eliminate 4 warehouses

        Increase the value of the company from $11MM to $22MM

        Establish Operations, Financial, and Marketing Strategies

        Company was acquired for $22MM before the end of year


 Please write us for the detailed Success Story if you would like to learn more.


Worlds Largest Fiberglass Production Company - we were able to save $17.7MM on one production line in one facility. These changes were then extrapolated to their other facilities across the world putting the savings over $100MM on an annual basis.This was accomplished with a change in:

        Workforce management

        Management culture

        Improving the overall quality control processes


Upstate South Carolina Water District - Facing a severe financial shortfall, the Managing Director asked  CGJ to audit processes and organization for opportunities to reduce costs through improved operations and/or realignment of operations.


CGJ identified $840,000 or 17% annual budget savings.  CGJ submitted a report of  list of opportunities including the activities required to recognize the savings.  Because it was critical that the savings be recognized immediately, CGJ was very conservative and believes the savings could have easily been 25% of the annual budget.


NCR - In setting a new computer industry record for new product development, we were able to improve the R&D engineering, development, and testing time from 18 months down to 8 weeks. Even today, it takes 6 months to develop a new computer for market.


Chevrolet Silverado Truck - While designing the layout for GM, we were able to improve the production of the existing production facility by 24% in 3 weeks by redesigning the software for their machining operations. The facility produced half shafts for the car and truck lines for GM in Saginaw, Michigan.


NCR Computers was losing customers due to lack of delivery of laptop computers. We were called in to study the existing situation where the factory was producing 120 units per day. Within 3 days, production was running at 640 units a day, saving the company from not meeting contracted delivery dates.


ERP Implementation -

We have a Case Study where we implemented an ERP system from shrink wrap to MRP in 6 weeks.  We received an award from the Software Company for Rapid Implementation.  Please write us and ask for this Case Study if you would like to learn more.


Inventory Management

We have a detailed case study where production grew at 90% compound while inventory grew at 30% compound over 5 years. this was because of detailed management and implementation of new techniques.  Please write us if you would like to see this Case Study.


HP / Compaq merger

        Responsible for the overall Program Management of the Compaq/HP Integration Plan for Supply Chain.

o       Identified over 1.1b$ in potential savings

o       Established the Supply Chain Clean Room, to facilitate the planning process, pre-merger

Created a milestone plan and processes to capture the savings post merger


ATT / NCR Supply Chain merger

Responsible for Supply Chain integration
  • Order Management system compatibility
  • Closing of 1 million square foot ATT plant
    • Coordinate all planning of material
    • Inventory reduction
  • Move 19 product lines into 5 existing NCR plants
  • Coordinate renaming and labeling of ATT product into NCR nomenclature
  • Manage 4 large Federal Government contracts
  • Host ‘Key Customer’ meeting to assure continuation



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