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CGJ has extensive experience with all phases of

 the 'Plan' function of the Supply Chain

ERP/Manufacturing Systems.

Our experience is based on system ownership.  We have in house personnel who have had end-to-end responsibility for Supply Chain Systems.  We have led teams in:

  • selection,
  • implementation,
  • maintenance,
  • updating,
  • infrastructure,
  • tuning 

These include ERP, MRP, Quality Collection Systems including 6 Sigma and Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Bar Code systems.

We believe that systems should be selected around Suitability to Need, Time to Benefit, Return on Investment, Total Cost of Ownership and Ease to Maintain. 

We also understand that Processes and Procedures and Manufacturing Systems must be mutually compatible.  We understand both sides of the argument and bring experience to the table to assist you.

  • Budget

Whether the plan is for a year or 5 years, for a Million dollars or $4 Million a day, we bring experience to the table.  We know the trade offs and requirements for a comprehensive plan that will work for you.  We have developed the budgets from scratch and maintained them, complete with reporting responsibility to the Board of Directors.

  • Cash Flow Analysis

We bring experience to the table to bring you beyond what should happen to what is most likely to happen.  Don't get surprised with your cash flow analysis showing you should have money in the bank when you don't.  We know many of the pitfalls around cash flow and can help you from experiencing pains we have already learned.  We fully understand the impact of inventory and purchasing terms on cash flow and can help you structure your organization to benefit you the most.

  • Manufacturing Change Management / Bills of Material and Effectivity Setting

We have personally managed Manufacturing Change Management with responsibility for Bills of Materials (BOMS) and Effectivity Settings.  We grew up in a High Volume, High Tech rapid change environment where survival meant doing this area correct.  We understand the impact on Excess and Obsolete Material and the pain of line shortages from a job done incorrectly.  We have experience that can help you.

  • Forecasting / Master Scheduling

Converting Marketing Plans into production plans is typically the Achilles heal of most organizations.  We believe that the best plan is a continuous refinement process taking the latest Marketing input into Production Plans.  We know Feature Blow down Requirements from Top Line Forecasts.  We have extensive practical knowledge of Planning Bills of Material.  We know how to help you plan for Build to Stock or Build to Order environments.

  • Product Life Cycle Management

We have been responsible for implementing over 100 new families of products into production.  We know all of the wickets that have to be met, from Marketing, to Quality and through Material availability.  If you are being hurt by product not getting started in production, massive rework of early production or trouble getting everyone coordinated, let us give you a helping hand.



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