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Financial Organizations are good to report the score.  But as a Manager, you are responsible for making the score.  Knowing your Product Cost, projecting your Cash Flow, and managing Budgets are the tools that allow you to control your future.  It is our belief that you are a better manager if you know what is going to happen tomorrow and the next day then if you know what happened last quarter.

  • We can help you determine your product cost. 
    • We have developed cost scorecards. 
    • We understand cost curves and how they impact your product. 
    • We are well versed in Total Cost of Ownership and can help you develop a model to fit your needs.
    • We know how to allocate your overhead into product costs so the total cost is understood


  • We have 20+ years experience projecting Cash Flow.  We understand the impact of:
    • Changing production schedules
    • Expedited delivery costs
    • Inventory turns
    • Excess and Obsolete inventory
    • Warranty and returns costs
    • Freight
    • New Product introduction (and delays)
    • Budget variances


  • We have developed and managed numerous budgets.  Regardless if your budget is $1Million a year or $5 Million a day, we can help you develop and maintain a budget.  We can help you:
    • Understand Strategic Imperatives
    • Understand Tactical tradeoffs
    • Outsource operations to offset overhead internally
    • Understand the trade offs between full time and contract labor
    • Develop models of process improvements to making your organization more efficient.


Don't get behind the power curve of managing your finances.  We will work with you so that you understand your requirements before they happen and not be surprised when they occur.



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