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Equipment Re-Engineering

Our observation is that very few organizations know their true Overall Equipment Effectivity.  We have experience in calculating the measurement and interpreting the results.  This usually leads to new insights on how profit margins can be improved.

  • Overall Plant Effectivity - We can measure your overall plant effectiveness and compare your operation against the theoretical possibilities.  We can then tell you how much money you are leaving on the table.  The first response of most manufacturing plants is that the gains cannot possibly exist, until they understand the potential gains.  Our experience is that once the gains are understood to exist, management is 150% behind both massive and quick fixes to align their plant to potentials.  Usually 80% of the gains are fairly inexpensive. The return per investment drops rapidly after that.  We can help you determine the ROI for the improvement options.


  • Overall Equipment Effectivity (OEE) - Your production line represents a major cost to you.  Most Manufacturing Engineers concentrate on pieces of the production line.  We prefer to use the Overall Equipment Effectivity measurement to see how well the total line is doing.  This not only measures throughput against theoretical capacity, but also measures the impact of scrap, downtime and maintenance.


  • Individual Equipment Effectivity -  We can zero in on the bottleneck or the expensive machine and help you understand the effectivity of the machine in producing product to assist making the decisions on expansion Vs. process Re-Engineering.



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