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Maintenance is often an overlooked area that impacts you suddenly when not done correctly.  A profitable organization remains profitable because its infrastructure works.  We can help you evaluate your infrastructure maintenance needs and processes to ensure uninterrupted production.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness - We can measure the OEE of your infrastructure to see if it is living up to its potential.  If it is not, we will help identify improvement areas and programs to position your infrastructure to support a profitable operation.


  • Maintenance programs - This is often the overlooked area.  We can review your existing program or develop a new program for you.  Our goal is simple, we want your infrastructure to be available when you need it.  If you have an ERP system with a maintenance module and need help making it work, we have personnel available to help you.  If you need a system, we have experience installing several different systems and can help you in the selection and implementation process.


  • Processes / documentation - Our experience is that often there is no rhyme or reason on how maintenance is performed.  We can put together a cohesive checklist and maintenance process that will ensure that maintenance is done where it is needed, when it is needed, maximized wrench time and at the lowest total cost.



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